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GMA Basketball League

GMA Basketball League really has a "star" value, yes I mean some of the players here are celebrities from our local TV scene, Mark Herras, Mikael Daez, Roco Nacino, JC Tiuseco, Pancho Magno just to name a few have been participate in this league. Established in 2013, GMA Basketball Club started only as a weekly pickup game for ... More

Pure Heart Basketball League

Pure Heart Basketball League is also know as PHBL is been around since 2010 and recently they finished their successful season 4. PHBL will be hosting their biggest event this year, the IBM Corporate Basketball League that Features 22 Teams, with 2 Divisions and they will also launch the first season of PHBL Women's ... More

Passion Basketball League

When it comes to basketball, Filipinos are considered as one of the most passionate enthusiast of the game. And that's exactly what Passion League is all about. This league started in 2012 and the competition is getting better each year. Passion League showcases different talents from the Makati Bussiness Center, from employees ... More