HoopX Manila “Give A Sole Campaign“

HoopX Manila “Give A Sole Campaign”: December 20, 2016

It’s been a great year for all us basketball fans as the Gin Kings won a Championship this year, NBA is getting more exciting and Kobe Paras is making a buzz in the States as he pursue his NBA dream. This Christmas, HoopX Manila wants to give back for those people who really loves the sport but doesn’t fully enjoy playing because they don’t have a decent pair of basketball shoes, and sometimes they are not allowed to play on the barangay courts. That is why we are launching a shoe drive, the “Give A Sole Campaign”, we wanted to reach them and hopefully provide them a decent pair of sneakers to practice and improve their game.

I started this campaign 4 years ago, when I took a solo trip in Romblon and I saw this ballers playing barefooted on the court. I shoot some videos and made a simple ad campaign on my phone, hoping somebody will give them attention. (You can visit the original video on Youtube: https://goo.gl/BSuzud ) This campaign didn’t got any legs to go further and I do not have enough time to make it successful.

This year, I have another shot to make this a reality. By the help of the HoopX Basketball community we can all make a difference by helping us spread this cause to those people who are willing to donate a pair of basketball shoes. #GiveASole

We also want YOU to nominate a person in your barangay who really can benefit on this campaign, send us the Name, location and SHOE Size or FB account so we can contact them directly.

SHOE DONATIONS: We prefer a playable basketball shoes that you’re not using anymore, we will have a drop-off stations (To be announce) or you can contact us directly so we can pick it up in your place. I will appreciate any help guys.



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