The HoopX Basketball League will expose the most talented and athletic Filipino basketball athletes 5’11” below. We want to launch a much needed semi-pro / commercial league for these type of players and achieve their full potential in the game of basketball. With the rim lowered to 9-foot, this will be a FASTER PACED, HIGH FLYING, with NEW BASKETBALL RULES this will be a unique and exciting basketball experience for the people who loves the game, in perspective, we want to build a NBA type of league for the talented players 5’11 and below.



To revitalize and boost the morale of young Filipino athletes to persevere to their dream to become world class players and give them an opportunity to play professional basketball.


HXBL will the venue for the 5’11 and below grassroots talents who want to compete in a highest level to the best players in the world in a levelled playing field.


“Philippines is the new Mecca for Basketball” – Mike Swift

Basketball has never been this popular here in the Philippines, with numerous amateur leagues sprouting all over Metro Manila, indeed, Manila is the safe haven for all ballers. Basketball events is also considered as a growing industry.

Our GOAL in HXBL is to give opportunity for players 5’11” and below to play above the rim, just like the NBA superstars do, we also pushing this league to develop young athletes to reached their full potential and excel on a league built for them.

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There will be 3 major events which will have to execute to be able to launch the actual tournament.

1. Harvest Talents – We will have a 1 day tryouts for all talented players ages 17 to 27 years old and the height will be limited to 5’11” below to create our talent pool for the upcoming league. We will select 40 talented & athletic players to play on the trial league on July 29, this will be a All-Star event for the selected ELITE players.

2. The Trial League – We want to test the waters on this new basketball concept, and identify all the necessary adjustment for the players and also for the tournament. There will be 4 teams playing on the trial league in San Juan Gym and we will implement new rules.

HXBL New Rules:

– The adjustable rim will be lowered by 9 feet.

– Smaller Official basketball to be used – Wilson 3X3 ball

– 10 player roster per team, 2 reserves

– Playing Coach is allowed

– Longer 3-point range

– 21 Second shot clock

– 2 Quarters only, 21 each half

– 4 Point Shot (to be approve)

– No overtime period, there will be a 1 on 1 Dunk Off on both teams, first to score 2 points WINS!

These rules will still be endorsed to our officials and consultants in order to implement it to the league.

3. The Draft – We are opening HXBL for all teams, companies, and team owners who wants to have their own team on this league. They will need to buy a team franchise which will represent their brand or organization.

On September 19th they will participate on the HXBL Draft were they can select ELITE players on our pool to include to their existing roster. All teams on HXBL can choose which CITY they want to represent on the league.

HXBL inauguration will be on October 10, 2017.


HXBL aspires to expose all the talented Filipinos players 5’11” below, by the help of HoopX Basketball Social Media Community we want them to shine as they start their basketball journey to our league that will be televised live via Facebook LIVE and to our other media partners. (Sample clip https://goo.gl/fXHqZU ) All games can also be watched on our Official Youtube channel: https://goo.gl/ancm1g
Our production team will produce an online show which will document all individual stories of the HXBL players as they progress towards character building, this also aims to inspire young aspiring players and also give impact to the community.
We will also launch a community efforts like basketball clinics and charity events involving HXBL players to their respective cities.
We will want to bring HXBL to the mainstream TV which can be broadcasted live nationwide, we are also open for co-production on this league.
We also have future plans to invite teams and players from the Southeast Asian region to join and participate on our league.



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